Cody Christopulos
Market Scene, Harar, Ethiopia.Store Front, Harar, Ethiopia.Coffee, Harar, Ethiopia.Candy Store, Harar, Ethiopia.Wedding Celebration, Harar, Ethiopia.Three Young Men, Harar, Ethiopia.Mosque at Dusk, Harar, Ethiopia.Street Scene, Harar, Ethiopia.Alley, Harar, Ethiopia.Street Scene, Harar, Ethiopia.Orthodox Church Inside Fortified City, Harar, Ethiopia.School Girls, Harar, Ethiopia.Young Girl, Harar, Ethiopia.Meat Market, Harar, Ethiopia.Preparing for Wedding Celebrations, Harar, Ethiopia.Table Football, Harar, Ethiopia.Young Woman, Harar, Ethiopia.Three Girls Playing, Harar, Ethiopia.Market Scene, Harar, Ethiopia.Street Scene, Harar, Ethiopia.
Located in the eastern part of Ethiopia, Harar, said to be the fourth holiest city of Islam, numbers over 80 mosques and more than 100 shrines in under a square mile.

For much of its history, Harar was a world center of commerce and Islamic culture. Though eclipsed on the world stage long ago, Harar remains a vibrant, multicultural city teeming with life.