Cody Christopulos
Heart Arrow Ranch, farm site of Mendocino Organics.Cowboys waiting for their event, Boonville Country Fair.Taking the chickens to the coop, Lover's Lane Farm.Olive Harvest, Terra Savia, Hopland.Mendocino Headlands.Border Collies at Heart Arrow Ranch.Burying cow horns for Biodynamic preparations, Heart Arrow Ranch.Pigs at Lover's Lane FarmLover's Lane FarmCow horns packed with manure for biodynamic preparations.  The are buried in the fall and dug up the following spring.  Heart Arrow Ranch.Admiring the compost pile at Heart Arrow Ranch.Olives, Terra Savia, Hopland.Biodynamic preparations.Adding biodynamic preparations to the compost pile, Heart Arrow Ranch.Winter cabbage, Heart Arrow Ranch.Oak and vegetable fields, Heart Arrow Ranch.Harvesting carrots, Heart Arrow Ranch.Mendocino Coast near the town of Mendocino.Coastal fog in the town of Mendocino.Grape harvest in the Anderson ValleyBoonville Country Fair
I had the pleasure of living in this rural Northern California County for four years. One of my main photographic interests while living there was documenting the small-scale agriculture of the county. This portfolio contains some of my favorite images from my years in Mendocino.